Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hey--I've HAD IT with all the media trashing of Gov. Sarah Palin!! Enough is enough!! The national press and broadcast media have been treating this lady far worse than they would ever think of treating the most slovenly streetwalker in the bowery and it's time it came to a halt. How do you think they'd react if a conservative blogger, or reporter, trash-talked Hillary Clinton, or Michelle Obama the way they're doing Gov. Palin? We'd never hear the end of it. The offender would practically be drawn and quartered in the public arena, if they dared to treat a liberal Democratic woman like this. So, it's high time that this two-faced trashing spree ended; such double standards just plain suck -- they always have, and they always will. Enough of this witless rhetoric.

I'm going to give you some reasons why this conservative writer holds Gov. Palin in such high esteem.

First, I don't love her for her looks. Oh, yes, I've noticed that she's a very attractive young woman. I'm a normal man, after all. Undoubtedly, there are some men out there who will vote for the ticket, based on her beauty alone. Many voters do base their votes on such intangibles as looks, true enough. There are women who list their attraction to Sen. Obama on his looks, either partly or completely. And some women will vote for the McCain/Palin ticket because she's a woman; they'll vote for any woman, of any party, of any ideology, simply because she is female. And undoubtedly, some African-Americans will vote for Sen. Obama based on his skin color alone. Those sort of things always happen -- every election. It's almost proverbial. Those are all the wrong reasons to vote for anyone, in my opinion, and it's potentially dangerous, but it happens every election cycle, nonetheless.

My attraction to Gov. Palin is an ideological one. I love her conservatism, her obvious strength of character, and her reform-oriented mind. Mitt Romney said, back in the primaries, that "Washington is broken." If anyone in this entire campaign ever made a truer statement, I don't know who that would be. Because Washington is broken. Very broken. It needs fixing ASAP, and from what I've seen out of Sarah Palin, she might just be the right one to fix it. She certainly has the track record to back her up. As Alaska's governor, she took on the old-time, well-rooted "Old Boy's Network" in the state and turned it on its ear. She made a lot of friends, and some enemies as well. She stepped on some toes. But that's what it takes, to do the job that needs to be done. And she proved to be tough enough to do the job. They started calling her "Sarah Barracuda" in Alaska. She left to join McCain as his running mate holding a nearly 80% approval rating among her constituents. No small feat, for any politician, on any level of government. Damned impressive, if you ask me. The lady's no slouch.

However, there's another level to Sarah Palin, and that's where I really connect with her the most. I adore that "hockey mom" side of her more than anything else. She's a real person and she's one of us. Middle-class background. She knows what it's like to work a real job for a living, unlike so many in government who have never really done so at all. She knows what it's like to live from payday to payday, balance a family budget, shop for necessities, nurture kids and work a job at the same time -- in short, she has lived most of her life just like we live ours. She's not out of touch at all, but most assuredly in touch with mainstream Americans. And that's something we desperately need in government nowadays -- a politician who knows how most regular people live, what they go through, what makes them happy, and what angers them. And now we have that in Sarah Palin. Thank you forever, John McCain, for introducing us to this fine lady! What a fantastic asset to any campaign!

Win or lose on Nov. 4th, Sarah Palin is going to be a force in national politics for some time to come. She's headed for rock star status, I believe (although as a friend of mine pointed out, she's far more of a class act than any rock star. And I agree with that.) My prayer for her is that she won't succumb to the "D.C. Sydrome," as so many others have done. Don't drink the water in Washington, Sarah -- there's something funny in it! And don't ever lose the qualities that people like myself love in you. Somehow, I don't think this woman ever will.